Monday, July 1, 2013

Cats and Dogs

Cute pair

My favorite kitty - long ear whiskers and a strange long and short fur combination
I would love to simply write about the dogs and cats that linger around the summer camp.  Unfortunately, I am writing from a much more frustrated place.  It started raining yesterday and has not stopped raining on and off.  Last night was terrible.  It thundered so loud, I could hear it through my earplugs.  In fact, it was louder than the Russian techno that was coming from somewhere in the distance, or the room down the hall, I could not tell.  I was excited to finally leave tomorrow, to meet my dad at the airport, to start volunteering in the HIV clinic, and more selfishly, be closer to steady internet so I could talk to Nat and just be closer to my own personal world.  Today, I heard talk that our car may not make it to the summer camp to take me home tomorrow because the bridge to Odessa is flooded.  Maybe I misunderstood the full situation, but I understood the general message – our car may not come.  I am now praying, and plan on doing a rain dance before bed to pleas the rain gods.  Please, let the rain stop and the heat wave return.  I don’t want my dad to be stranded at the airport, get ripped off by a greedy taxi driver and wait alone in our dark hostel without me.  What a terrible way to spend the 4th of July.  Well, y’all won’t read this until I get back to Odessa anyways, so if you are reading this, I made it back to Odessa, and hopefully before my dad’s flight arrived.

Overcast day

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