Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Countryside

Country Road
I love the Ukrainian countryside.  I have been running around the town while I am here at the summer camp and have seen some fantastic sites.  I jogged by a cow, saw chickens scratching, got chased by geese, and even paid my respects at an amazing cemetery.  The cemetery, like most parks, has a WWII memorial prominently displayed.  Just noting the number of memorials you see around the country demonstrates the impact the war had on its people.  I am grateful our country has never been devastated to that point before.

WWII Memorial

Unkempt cemetery

Succulents growing on the grave

My summer camp

The geese that chased me

"I'm a cow"... "Get in the truck" - Dennis Leary

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  1. Love your pictures, Kika, beautiful. "But I'm an animal, I have rights!!" lol