Monday, July 8, 2013

Where is Phil?

A couple nights ago we went to the night club district near the beach - Arkadia.  I have been looking forward to this for years, since last time I came to the city it was winter time and this area was not really open.  We took a cab and made our way to one of the best clubs in the district - ITAKA.

This place was huge!  It reminded me of Rosarito, Miami and Burning Man all rolled into one.  There were fire dancers, gymnastic shows, and go-go dancers.


More Gymnastics

Super Man and his dancers

We smoked hookah upstairs while drinking our wine, then we moved to the dance floor.  There were go-go dancers on a platform, and there was even a guy in a Cheburashka costume.  Cheburashka is a cartoon character from old Soviet literature.  The people went nuts!  I even got a photo with him.  It was an amazing night full of dancing, mostly to soviet hits from the 80s and 90s.  I can't believe I was dancing on the beach until the sun came up.  Only in Odessa!

Never seen such an amazing hookah!

Dancing with the hookah


Topless woman in a martini glass!!


Dancing with my bestest girl in Odessa

Dancing 'til the sun comes out

View of the beach from the club

Walking out at 5AM, still crowded


The next morning, we noticed one of our friends, Phil, had not returned.  He had been talking to one Ukrainian girl, so we figured he had gone home with her.  When 11PM that night rolled around, we started to worry.  We speculated maybe she was a hooker, or someone who was interested in harvesting his kidneys.  Of course we were mostly joking, but it was still a bit troublesome.  He finally returned the following day, alive with both kidneys.  He had made friends with this woman and had stayed in her home town for an extra night.  We were so happy to see him come home!  Now he is a legend, people from our hostel will be laughing for years to come and saying, "Where is Phil?"

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