The Blood Brain Barrier

For the purposes of this blog, my name is Erika Erikovna.  Two years ago, I documented my travels around the world via the The Trans-Siberian Railway.  I come to you now with a new, but definitely no less exciting, subject matter.  After spending time traveling and volunteering abroad I realized that I am destined for more in life - I want to help those stigmatized by our society, in every form they come.  My passion to help the world around me will be done by learning about a field that I have been immersed in my entire life - medicine.  

The title of this blog is inspired by a structure I learned about in Anatomy.  The blood brain barrier (BBB) is the vital gate keeper that protects the delicate neurons found in the Central Nervous System (CNS).  The tight junctions of the capillaries around the entire perimeter of the CNS make those capillaries the least permeable capillaries in the body.  All essential nutrients needed by the brain's neurons, including oxygen, simply flow in, while most toxins are prohibited entrance.  Although the BBB seems impregnable, it does allow some entrance of fat-soluble molecules, such as alcohol, nicotine, and anesthetic agents.  I feel like the BBB accurately represents how I feel about own current aspirations. 

My best friend recently told me, 
"You follow your dreams and it's intoxicating!"  
My dreams may seem impossible at times, but with enough hard work and dedication, I am convinced I can cross the blood brain barrier.  After all, my dreams are intoxicating, so I must have a pretty good shot, right?  

By reading this blog, you will learn the difference between "a flesh wound" and a serious gash, see graphic pictures of anatomical structures I dissect in class and track my pursuits in medicine.  I sincerely hope you enjoy my blog as much as you enjoyed the last!

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