Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fashion Show and Homemade Vereniki

I forgot to write about my last day at the summer camp!  I was in the kitchen cooking when a little boy ran in to show us his new souvenir, a dead bat.  I told him to put it down because it could have a disease or rabies - everyone, in Austin at least, knows to never touch a downed bad.  He assured me it was dead, but I told him it didn't matter.  At least get it out of the kitchen!  I brought him a bowl to put it in, then told him to go wash his hands with soap and water, which he did.  Oh, boys will be boys!

Dead bat... in the kitchen

Boys will also be... girls?  I was really confused at first when I saw one little boy dressed in drag.  Then I saw it was not just him!  I guess I had missed the part where the coordinator said we would be having a cross-dressing fashion show competition.  It was really fun to see the litte boys and girls dressed up in each other's clothing.

So cute!

Putting the moves our other camp coordinator

I love this photo
Frida Kahlo eye browns and Hitler mustache

Group photo - I think some of the dresses started falling off

Later the girls cooked vereniki, Ukrainian dumplings.  I was a little shocked they were using the dirty table outside and a beer bottle as a rolling pin, but it worked! 

So proud!

beer bottle rolling pin


My favorite camp kitty!

Final product - carbs, carbs and some Kompot
The ride home

In Odessa this morning, before embarking on my moving adventure, I finally got a chance to check out this restaurant I have been eyeing since the last time I was in town.  I ordered blini, which are like pancakes.  They were not filled with apricots and honey like I thought I ordered, but rather mushrooms and sour cream... looks like I should listen more carefully and not be so eager to agree with servers when they ask me questions.  Either way they were pretty delicious!

Blini and Expresso with milk

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