Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ain't no sunshine...

Well, I made it back safely to the city as you must have gathered by the slew of blog posts you have just received.  Unfortunately the weather has not cleared up, it is still cold and I ran into some problems with me accommodations.  I found mold... I knew my room felt damp for some strange reason, and my friend had told me is smelled weird, but since I had so much work done on my face due to allergies and whatnot, it didn't really bother me.  Plus, I have only spent about 4 nights of the last 2 weeks there, and it was nice to have a room with a lock while I was out of the city.  Well, I got back to the city and decided to do some rearranging.  When I moved this little night stand, I realized it was all wet and dirty underneath it.  That's when I saw it... green, white, brown, all colors of the rainbow you never really want to see together.  I cleaned it all up with a sponge I found in the bathroom, but what to do?  After I moved the desk, the smell was horrible.  I couldn't even breath.  It was so terrible, I couldn't even bare to sleep in my room.  I asked to move into the common room, but even that room feels damp and gross.  

Now I am scared of what to do next.  I am not sure if I should move places and risk getting charged for my dad's late cancellation, or call my credit card company.  I called and told them about the situation, and they said they would talk to the hotel but I am sure this won't really be very fruitful.  Also, I am a bit mad because I think they are holding out on me... the website advertised kitchenette and a 4 bedroom apartment, but this is not where they put me.  Again, I am happy to have had a room with a key, but now I am not to sure...  I think I will ask them to fulfill their promise of the 4 bedroom apartment when my dad arrives tomorrow if nothing else, and see what happens.  Maybe if they cannot do that, then it will get me off the hook.  My friend, Dasha, is supposed to be helping me out today.  Maybe I will just move to another hostel... back to the last one I had problems with??  Wow, Ukraine you have just gone full circle.

Wish me luck!  

What's this?

Oh no...


Yea, I guess that is one way to solve that problem...

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