Sunday, July 14, 2013

One last day with the kids

As excited as I am to be heading home, I will definitely miss my children at The Way Home.  It has been an adventure for sure - playing the roles of CPR certified lifeguard at the beach, Ukrainian cooking assistant, camp counselor, and primary care provider.  I learned a lot about medicine by watching my father practice medicine - it also helped that he spent his free time in Ukraine studying for his medical recertification.  We spent many evenings in the hostel discussing medical conditions and looking at images of different pathological conditions.  I also learned more about what the organization could use in terms of medical assistance.  My brainstorming trip went better than ever expected.  I loved patching up cuts and giving medical exams, but I especially loved playing with the kiddos!

My dad even got in on the playing action

On our last day volunteering, my dad and I bought toys and trinkets for the children at the kindergarden.  We wanted to leave a favorable impression in their minds of the primary care providers who came to give them medical exams!

Little girl picking out her new backpack

Cars or Spongebob?

Look at those smiles!

Kindergarden leader

So excited!

This little boy drew me a picture and gave it to me to take home

My main question now is not "if" I am coming back, but "when?"  I assume my time and resources would be better spent waiting until after I am a PA.  I know the skills I learn in graduate school will enable me to better serve the needs of the children of Odessa, but can I stay away from Ukraine that long?  I am already in touch with an organization called PAs for Global Health!  I cannot wait to see what services they offer and how I can learn from their international efforts.

In the meantime, I look forward to keeping everyone up to date on my application process! 

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