Saturday, June 29, 2013

How to diffuse an altercation

The kids played a game with the organization’s psychologist today.  We discussed people in our lives can potentially be a source of conflict, as well as people who can help us get out of conflicts.  It’s fascinating to me how overwhelmingly negative the viewpoint here is on the police.  It’s not just “cool” to hate on the police.  It’s the reality of the country of Ukraine – the police are generally just bad people here.  In all my time here, I have never been told to call the police in case of an emergency.  In fact, most advice I have gotten was to stay completely away from them or they will try to rip you off because you’re a foreigner.

This exercise was good for the children because it got them thinking of how to safely diffuse conflicts and use resources to get out of tricky situations.  It was also entertaining to watch!


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