Friday, June 21, 2013

"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy"

The Discotech - Why such harsh words?  It was actually quite fun, but I wish I had some photos to document this event.  I decided it would be safer to leave everything at home, so the camera did not come with me.  "Discotech, what the heck is that?" you might be asking.  Well, a Discotech is found in non-US countries such as Ukraine, Russia and Mexico.  They are essentially an all ages dance club with a bar.  Sound fun at first, but think about what this means.  Remember the last time you went to a bar?  Maybe you drank, danced, solicited someone of the opposite sex to drink and dance.  Well, no imagine you are drunk, and you start doing all of the above with someone who turns out to be 13 years old!  Could be quite dangerous.

The discotech we went to was pretty cool.  It was open air, although it gave the illusion of being a building.  It was under construction, so I won't be too hard on it, but it definitely was a little rugged.  The bathroom sink was a hose for example.  There was a disc jockey who worked with the DJ to rally the crowd into dancing.  He was really funny, and a good dancer - if you are on 4th Street or in the Castro, if you catch my drift.  Had he been wearing less clothing, I would have taken him for a male go-go dancer.  Most European men can't dance, according to my personal experience, and those who can just look like they belong in a club with a topless male bar tender wearing a rainbow flag jockstrap. Cultural differences I am sure.  And if you are European and find this offensive, please feel free to dance with me next time we meet and prove me wrong.  

While I sat at our table with one of our 15 year-old girls, this older 40 year-old man who had been kind of lurking about tried to approach us and tripped on the step, knocking over our table and most of our drinks.  He looked at me and I just shook my head at him, since he was obviously just about to solicit one of our teenagers, or me.  Our coordinator must have told him we were not interested, because he immediately switched his focus on to her.  She must have told him 20 times she didn’t want to dance with him, but he was Mr. Persistent, which is now a huge warning sign to me to back away quickly.  The cultural differences are huge here.  I would have slapped someone who tried to approach me in the manner in which he did, and he might have gotten some mace to the eye if he had grabbed me after I told him “no” multiple times.  I should be careful I don’t end up arrested for hurting someone who is simply acting socially and culturally appropriate.

Anyways, the girls had a great time, and by the end of the night, they were on the stage’s platform.  Again, a little strange for me given how young they are and how old the rest of the cliental was…but then again, there was also a 3 year-old in the back of the club dancing with his parents.  When in Ukraine…

I was on high alert to make sure no funny business went down, but at the end of it all, it was all in good fun.

After we made it back to our sanitarium, we all had to jump the fences since everything was already locked up.  Good thing I have been working on those triceps, Nat!  Everyone was impressed at how quickly I scaled the fence and made my way to the other side.

I was super tired this morning because we ended up going to bed around 2AM.  But, at least I am back in the city for a few more days to hang out before heading back to the beach!     

Oh, and speaking of the Star Wars reference, check out this awesome photo taken by a couple during their wedding photo shoot.  My fiance sent this to me, and I think it would be an amazing idea to steal...

Wedding Party Attacked by AT-ATs

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  1. Consent is always socially and culturally appropriate!

    Нет значет нет!

    But I'm totally jealous of the time you're having there! I'll have to coordinate better next time!