Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Another day at the beach

Today we went to the beach again, of course!  I believe we will be doing this every day from now until the end of the summer. Better restock that sunscreen supply!  We broke up into two groups, boys vs girls, and started making sand art.  The girls won with our amazing mermaid!  The best part was that since the girls won the competition, we got ice cream!  The boys got some too, but theirs was less expensive.  We got the good stuff. 

Mermaid sand art
Then the photo shoot began! All the girls took turns taking photos with me. It was really cute, and of course it made me feel special and loved.

Photo Shoot!

More photos

Ok, you get the idea!
Group photo!

After dinner, we went for a walk to another local beach, which its own little board walk.  It kind of reminded me of Burning Man with its open air little hang outs, sand, and open fire pits.  People were cooking shashlik – Russian kabobs, and just chilling out drinking beer and juices.  There is a discotech, dance club, there that we are going to on Friday.  Our coordinator here sweet-talked them into lettings us bring our older kids for free!  The girls are very excited to get dressed up and go.

On the Board Walk

At night, the music on the grounds starts.  Someone set up some speakers and a laptop that plays Russian hits.  It’s really fun to watch the kids dance around.  After dark, the games get rowdier too.  Check out this crazy seesaw!  It looks like a death trap – and a scratched myself on an exposed nail head.  Didn’t break the skin, but I am happy my DTAP vaccine is up to date.  I carry around alcohol pads, band-aids, moist towelettes, and neosporen.  I have gotten to take care of minor cuts on a couple kids, and they are starting to trust me and accept my help.  As you can imagine with a wild group of children with minimal adult supervision, there are a lot of cuts and bruises to be taken care of! 

Let the dancing begin!

Seesaw of Death!



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