Thursday, June 20, 2013

Можно телефон? : Can I use your phone?

This was the most popular question I was asked over the course of a week.  The kids loved my phone because it had games on it.  They all gathered around and watched each other play and asked for it so much I had to start leaving it in my room.  I hated to say no, but the coordinator wanted them to play amongst themselves and not be consumed with technology.  Giving up my phone is hard, because I make notes to myself, check the time and most importantly, look up words I don’t know.  I managed, however, by asking for help when I didn’t understand and learned new words on the fly.

The kids with my iPhone

Instead of playing with my phone, let's play Twister!

Or I can push you around on this... thing

The kids also loved taking photos of each other with my camera. This was great because they weren’t embarrassed to take photos of each other for me.  I got some really cute ones of myself with the kids when they borrowed my camera.  Here are some of the highlights.
Chilling out

Erika and Peter, from Sweden

I couldn't shake them!  They were always all over me.  But I loved it.
These are just some other random shots I took around the grounds.  During the day, the kids just play amongst themselves and run amuck.  It's really cute to watch them play.

Just one second earlier, that kid was hanging just by his hands

Busy playground

My personal caddie.  She loved carrying my purse

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