Tuesday, June 25, 2013

All around town

I was so exhausted when I finally got back to my apartment after dark last night.  I had gotten up early to run and exercise again, then after showering and getting ready I hit the streets.  I first had lunch for under $3 at Puzata Xata, a Ukrainian buffet style restaurant.  I got some dumpling like pelmeni with meat inside, and a cucumber and cabbage salad.  

Just a shopping center, not a museum

I just can't believe this isn't a museum

Typical off-main street road

My all time favorite statue in Odessa

 Next, I wandered all about, and eventually even found my favorite clothing store, MANGO.  Last time I was here, I was excited to buy a beautiful brown leather jacket there, since I had lost my black one in Germany.  After spending most of the day walking, I headed back to the apartment to shower and get ready to meet my old friend, Dasha, who I used to live with in the hostel three years ago.  You probably remember her from some of my old posts in My Trans-Siberian Journey.  She is seen in one of the photos in the blog post "Banned in the USA."  She also fell victim to the bed bug infestation, and moved with me to our new hostel across town.

I found a salad!! A REAL SALAD!
Dasha met me and it was like no time had passed between us.  We picked up where we left off and spent the rest of the day walking around town.  She took me to her amazing apartment in a fantastic part of town that is near one of the more popular beaches.  We walked through a local park, then eventually made our way to the beach.  It was already getting to be pretty late in the evening, but there was still blaring music playing and people swimming and hanging out.  I can't wait to hit it up when I get back into town.  For now, I am going back to our summer camp to spend time with the kids.  I will be sure to update you on new stories when I get back, possibly this weekend!  
Sights in the park

Famous Ukrainian Writer
Beach Volleyball
Busy beach in the evening

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