Sunday, June 16, 2013

Show me your Frankfurt

Well, here I am - writing after a long hiatus.  So it turns out planning a wedding, applying to graduate school and planning this trip to Ukraine is a lot of work.  But now that I am on my way to Ukraine, I will have much more time to sit alone and type.  Friends, I will miss telling you these stories in person, but take this blog as a suitable replacement while I am away.

I am currently at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany.  This airport is interesting.  It resembles IKEA in its colors, décor and furniture.  I also think it's pretty cool that the airport has free coffee and other beverages I plan on raiding after I finish writing this post.  It is a little ridiculous I have to fly to Munich before heading to Odessa, but at least I have a little layover to wash my face, eat something and change into jeans.  I figured once I get off the plane in Odessa, I will be fresh meat for the taxi drivers so I need to do my best not to look like a complete foreigner who has been in transit for 20 hours.

Funny stories about getting through German customs:
First off, I had to send my stuff through the X-ray machine again.  After I walked through the metal detector, a nice German lady told me to walk into the little cubicle, take off my boots and take a seat.  She put my boots into the X-ray machine and returned.  She then told me to stand up and gave me a full on thorough pat down, no apologies given.  Not that I need any; I don’t mind getting patted down from time to time, but it was just funny to see the difference in airport protocols.  Pretty sure her conduct would have landed her a lawsuit in the US.

Next, my suitcase got flagged.  The German security agent asked me to open my luggage, and proceeded to riffle around. My stuff just kind of poured out, since I had to pack everything super tight, so he asked me to show him the metal object about this (hand gesture) long that was in my suitcase.  I figured he was interested in one of my medical instruments so we played a little game. 

Erika starts fishing through her little black bag...
Erika - “Is it, a TUNING FORK??” 
Security agent – ::shakes head::

Erika does so more fishing...
Erika – “Is it, an OTOLARYNGOSCOPE??”
Security agent - ::laughs and nods::

I was free to go.  I find pride in having made the German security agent laugh.  Also, I am so glad I did not pack a suitcase of donated needles.

Off to raid that beverage dispenser!

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