Monday, January 7, 2013

The Search for Quetzals

I realize that the last time I wrote, I was drawing blood in California, but it has just been too hectic to keep y'all updated lately.  I went from Austin to Dallas, to Los Angeles to work at my parent's clinic, back to Dallas for Christmas, to San Francisco and Santa Rosa to visit family and friends, and finally to Costa Rica.  I am currently sitting in a lounge chair over looking a stream at Trogon Lodge in San Gerardo de Cota, Costa Rica.

Yesterday, after obtaining a rental car near San Jose, we spent 3 hours driving down a highway, and a more secluded dirt road to arrive at our destination.  This place is beautiful!  It is tucked away in the forest and is filled with bright colored flowers.  This morning Nat and I went on a hike through the rain forest in search of the brilliantly colored and rare Quetzal.  No sightings yet, but we plan on taking a guided tour tomorrow morning to see their nesting spot.  With some luck we may just see one or two!  We did however see some ground birds that resemble chickens, some other little yellow and black birds and plenty of humming birds.  Post our Quetzal guided tour we are doing a zip lining canopy tour which should be equally amazing.  I will be sure to post pictures this evening.

As far as my summer volunteer trip, I have been given more contacts to speak with after my vacation and look forward to delving deeper into my planning when I get back to Austin.
I have also started jotting down various hours and activities I have been involved with over the years so I can be in a good position this spring to fill out my graduate school applications.

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