Monday, December 17, 2012

Vaccines and Blood Drawing

The last couple weeks have been very busy for me.  I spent them studying for exams, preparing a bioethics presentation on prenatal genetic testing, and reviewing for my finals in genetics and physiology.    A couple weeks ago I contacted the person who had access to soon to be expiring vaccines, but unfortunately it looks like I will not be able to accept the generous donation.  Without a nonprofit tax ID code or a serious method of transporting the vaccines, I was not eligible to except them.  I was also worried that even if they did make it out to Ukraine, I would not know who would be receiving them nor would I be certain there was an adequate refrigerator to keep them viable - what with the frequent blackouts, I suppose we would even need a generator.  After I get this project off the ground I will definitely reach out to her again though!  

Since finals, I have made my way to California and have been spending time with my family and working in my parent's clinic.  I basically started drawing blood within ten minutes of walking into the clinic after coming straight from the airport!  Although I once thought of myself as a blood drawing prodigy, my delusions of grandeur were quickly shattered along with my perfect patient drawing track record.  Drawing on schizophrenics might seem challenging, but wait until you have to draw primary care patients - old, young, overweight, dehydrated...  You basically have to go in blind and start fishing - two techniques that I am not comfortable doing!  The medical assistants have been teaching me how to find difficult veins when you just can't see or feel them.  

My parents run a high volume clinic with a wide variety of patients for me to gain experience working with - that is why I am here!  I am proud to say that I have already drawn more patients in just two days than I have in my short career as a phlebotomist in Texas.   I am excited to continue to be challenged this week at the clinic.  I will continue to update y'all on my progress.    

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