Sunday, January 27, 2013

Toucan Ready

From here we made our way to La Paz Waterfall Garden, a by far underrated tourist stop.  

La Paz Waterfall Garden
I don’t know if you have every been so excited that you had to hold back tears, but I have.  First off, we enter the aviary and I see the following Crested Guan just chilling.  We convinced her to go back into the aviary, because I am sure she was ready to dart out and escape if enabled.  Then we walked into another aviary that was full of toucans!  I almost cried when they put the toucan on me.  It was one of my happiest moments.  We saw all these beautiful birds, and my excitement just continued rising.  Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next.  We entered a separate aviary and I found out that it was filled exclusively with toucans!!  I was ecstatic to have seen two in the trees a couple days prior, but never did I imagine that we would be so close to them.  This entire place was just amazing.  They had the largest collection of butterflies in the world.  They were everywhere and just landed on us as we walked around.  We also saw scarlet macaws, snakes, big cats, frogs.  We ended the tour by hiking to a couple waterfalls.  All in all, this was my favorite day in Costa Rica.  

Crested Guan

Toucan liked Nat too

Toucan Ready!

Little bird within arms reach

Scarlet Macaws
Butterfly garden
Butterfly landed on Nat

Venomous Snake 
Looking for frogs

Climbed in an ox cart
120ft waterfall 
These guys came up because they wanted people food
Poor man's umbrella

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