Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Search for Quetzal - A Success Story

This morning, our quest for quetzals continued.  We began our hike at 6AM, because they typically arise between 6:30 and 7:30AM.  After some morning coffee, our tour group started our journey down the hill.  It was about a 15 minute walk from our lodge to this ranchers property - the day before, quetzals had been spotted there.  Quetzals mate during the spring months and their favorite food, avocado, is now scare in the region we were in, so we knew that seeing one might not occur.  As soon as we finished hiking up this hill, our group began anxiously scanning the trees, hoping to catch a glimpse of the rare quetzal.  Before I knew it, a flash of emerald green flew before my eyes and I alerted our group!  I had been the first to see the quetzal!  It flew into the tree about 200 meters from where we were all standing.  A minute later, it was followed by its mate.  Unfortunately, she was much harder to see, especially since she doesn't have that long tail to giver her away.

I spy with my little eye... a Quetzal!  Can you??

Check out the not zoomed in photo I took.  I believe that he would have been impossible to spot if I had not witnessed him fly into the tree.

Quetzal Male
Sorry this photo is so large, but this is the only way to see his little face!  It really is quite a miracle that we even saw them.

All the following photos are of the Trogon Lodge where we stayed for two nights.  It is a beautiful place, in the San Gerardo de Cota valley.    

The view I was gazing upon as I blogged yesterday
Trout - major food group at the lodge

Posing in front of a waterfall during our hike

Beautiful flowers and scenery

View from our cabin
Last two shots were taken minutes ago from our new hotel, Hotel Cuna del Angel.  Nat and I have been seeing here drinking beer and working on the computer.  We have been watching the birds fly by - we even saw two toucans! 
Candid shot from the balcony

Sunset over the jungle

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