Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Donations and Good News!

Well, so far things are coming along much better than I had anticipated.  I have a few contacts lined up that I need to call this week.  Some have experience with medical nonprofits, clinical outreach, grant writing, and one even worked at the Ukrainian consulate.  A relative of my finance also put me in touch with another contact who may have some flu vaccines that she would like to donate.  It is a good thing I have an International Air Transportation Association (IATA) certification to handle, process and ship bio-hazardous materials!  Shipping vaccines to Ukraine definitely require more research...  maybe this friend from the Ukrainian consulate will have insight into the legality of the task at hand.  When I have some spare time, I intend to read the WHO online booklet on shipping vaccines found here.

Speaking of vaccines, I should reacquaint myself with all the different vaccines offered through Vaccines for Children (VFC).  I bet the VFC regional representative that works with my dad's clinic may be able to help me figure out how to safely ship them so they stay within their temperature range.  I can't believe it has been 5 years since I worked for VFC and the Public Health Department in Richmond, CA!  Oh, how time flies.

First monetary donation:
I am excited to say that my parents are generously donating some money to my cause!  I plan to start fundraising after I get back this summer and/or have nonprofit status, but having some funds to start with is definitely helpful.  My dad is considering flying to Ukraine to spend a week with me too!  I am looking forward to having a doctor present, especially since that MD will be my dad.  We are going to figure it all out when I fly to California in a couple weeks.  My parents always have been my heroes and faithful supporters - big shout out to Mama and Papa for their generosity!

Recent thoughts:
I should read as much about the health situation in Ukraine as possible - new legislations, recent outbreaks, statistics, etc.  More research on the WHO website is in order.

Well, maybe after my Physiology and Genetics finals... one step at a time.

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