Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Abscond - to leave secretly"

I didn't really abscond from Austin, but I feel like I have.  For the past few days, I have been hiding out like a misanthrope at my aunt's home in Dallas.  It's not that I don't like people, its just that my boyfriend, Nat, has been driving my car to work everyday, and living in Dallas without a car is like social suicide!  So, while Nat goes to work everyday, I have been spending the days alone in my aunt's lavish home.  My aunt's place is like a 4 star resort - ornate, full of delicious food, and has an amazing pool.  

Although it might sound like I am in paradise, I am far from being on vacation, lounging by the pool margarita in hand.  On the contrary, I have actually been painstakingly studying for the Graduate Records Examination (GRE).  Standardized tests and I have a poor history - the SAT attenuated my confidence years ago, and left me dreading the thought of even considering graduate school lest I have to take another test that has been suggested to be biased against both women and minorities (of which I am both).  In high school, I was impetuous and audacious - and obviously overconfident in my intelligence because I purposely chose not to prepare or study for the SAT.  I thank fate, the stars, God and the admissions department at UC Berkeley for ignoring my SAT score and pitying this young aspiring actor with a love of stage theatre, Shakespeare, and the ridiculous.  

I will not be as inchoate and lazy in my approach to the GRE as I was in studying for the SAT.  My only hope is that I can shake off my diffident mentality and regain my confidence that was lost years ago.  If I study hard, I know I can make it through another soporific exam (I am pretty sure I almost fell asleep during the Reading and Comprehension section of the SAT).  You may have guessed that the bold-faced words scattered throughout this post are from my GRE work books.  I apologize if they make me seem like a pedant, but I find that using new words in sentences is the best way to study!  

My GRE is scheduled for May 24th - a day that will go down in infamy or great triumph! 

This blog post was brought to you by the following words:
Abscond - to leave secretly
Misanthrope - a person who dislikes others
Lavish - to give unsparingly; extremely generous or extravagant
Attenuate - to reduce in force or degree; weaken
Impetuous - quick to act without thinking
Audacious - fearless and daring
Diffident - lacking self-confidence
Soporific - causing sleep or lethargy
Inchoate - not fully formed; disorganized
Pedant - someone who shows off learning

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