Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Where'd you go?

I've been working as much as possible in order to rack up those clinical hours for PA school applications, and of course studying Microbiology.  Sometimes I go to work from 7-3PM, then head almost immediately to my class from 4-7:30PM, work for my parents online and go to bed exhausted.  I have been keeping up and excelling in my class, so all in all life is good.

Big news - a coworker at my psych clinic told me that her woman's groups wants to support my efforts in Ukraine!  I was very touched by her offer, so I have a renewed vigor to sort out the nitty gritty details.  I have about 5 large boxes full of needles, vacutainers, and blood draw tubes - still not sure what to do about getting them to Ukraine.  I did call a contact today who I believe used to work at the Ukrainian embassy, so maybe he can shed some light onto the situation.  I contacted a few local nonprofits to see if they would take the donation, if I cannot feasibly take them to Ukraine.  

I am also somewhat in contact with someone at The Way Home - we have been been communicating via Facebook in Russian.  I love how my computer has an easy way to switch to international keyboards!  I definitely have some brushing up to do.

I found out today that the physician assistant application portal will be available April 17th, so I am excited to get all my information into the system and apply this summer!

I am currently working an overnight shift at my psych clinic.  Besides driving home at 7AM in a daze and trying to fall asleep when the sun is up, it's not bad.  I mean, I have done a lot of homework, wedding research and plan on spending about an hour or so reading up on fun places to visit while in Hong Kong.  Oh yea, and I am going to Hong Kong this Thursday with my fiance to visit my sister, her husband, and one of my best friends from college.  I cannot wait for that!

Here are a few photos I have compiled over the past month.

Just a small example of what I have lying around my apartment

Gram-positive streptococcus bacteria found after preparing a slide with cultures from my mouth in Micro lab

Trash and Cash - a gift from one of my psych patients

Sand volley ball did not end well for this friend's toenail
It will probably just fall off and grow back.  Not much I could have done besides suggest cleaning it and applying a bandaid to protect it from infection

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